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Free SEO Tools

Check Google Index, Domain Age, Domain Authority, DA PA, MOZ Rank and Redirect with our Free Tools

Image Tools

Explore a wide range of free Image Converters, Image Croppers, and tools to convert images to Base64 and more.

Online Calculators

Free Age Calculator, Percentage Calculator and more

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Free Tools for Web Developers like CSS Beautifiers, CSS Minifiers and more

Network Tools

Free Server Status Checker, Hosting Checkers and more

JSON Tools

Free JSON Formatters, Validators

Welcome to Favorite Tools

FavoTools. com is a platform that offers a wide range of Free Online Web Tools to help you streamline your tasks and boost productivity. Whether you need to analyze data, Crop Images, optimize your website, or enhance your social media presence, FavoTools. com has got you covered.

Why Choose

There are plenty of reasons why should be your preferred choice when it comes to online tools:

  • Our tools are completely free and designed to be easy-to-use. There are no complex setups or technical knowledge required.

  • With a wide variety of tools available, you can easily find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

  • Reliable Results: Our tools are built using advanced algorithms and technology, guaranteeing accurate and dependable results consistently.

  • Save time and effort by bidding farewell to manual tasks! With our tools, you can automate processes and complete tasks in seconds, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters.

What Sort of Tools FavoTools have?

Favotools offers a wide range of Free Online Web Tools, including image conversion tools, SEO tools, Development tools, Calculators and much more.

Does save your data?

At, We do not save any data. You can freely use our tools without worrying about your information being stored. Additionally, any image you convert using our tools are automatically deleted once the conversion process is complete.

How to use a tool?

Simply visit our website, select the tool you need from our extensive collection, and start using it right away - no need to download or install. For Example you are converting JPG image to any other format like PNG, GIF, BMP or WEBP simply upload the image and select the format from the dropdown and click Convert Image button, It will convert the image into your desired format and will open a popup for you to download the converted image.

Are these tools are Free?

Yes, the tools offered on Favotools are free to use.

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